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Available for pre-order.
Limited pressing. Only 25 will be made! Hand numbered, and autographed.

Release date: May 3
, 2024





On Danny Hamilton’s meticulously crafted and heart-full-of-soul record “Here All Along,” one can feel the artist’s genuine love and dedication for the project, as well as hear the incredible depth and scope of Americana, folk, roots rock, and everything in between that an accomplished singer-songwriter such as Danny has in his arsenal. “Here All Along” is the culmination of a 15-year-long project that serves as a devotional to the resilience of Hamilton’s song crafting and the inherent power of growth and healing.


“Here All Along” is the embodiment of Hamilton’s maturity both as an artist and as an individual. This record of all-original songs shows a deepened understanding of traditionalist songwriting combined with a modern sense of genre-blending: he is neither too rooted in the past nor too focused on pushing the boundaries of alt-country/folk/what-have-you. From the album’s rocking opener, “Bury The Devil,” to the fun and driving “Super Callous, Mad, Sadistic, Sexy & Atrocious,” to the heartfelt “Song For My Son,” Danny is able to deliver a wide range of emotions and musical styles through his thoughtful lyrics and carefully crafted arrangements. The result is an inherently eclectic and unique mingling of thoroughly contemporary music that sounds at once familiar and new.


A strong element of “Here All Along” is the wide and talented pool of musicians Danny brought together for this project. From Christopher Lopez’s incomparable piano and organ on the lion’s share of the tracks, to Butch Norton’s powerful and bespoke drums, to Cara Batema’s native and haunting accordion, every track contains its own unique charm and microcosm of talent.

“Here All Along” is more than just a record—it’s a great deal of love to listen to.


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